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Lash Tec specializes in providing premium eyelash extensions.  Each strand of lashes is individually applied to ensure the heath of your natural lashes. 

Eyelash Extensions

Flirt  Set $150 (1 hr max)
Set of 30 lashes per eye.  This partial set give you an idea of how dramatic you want to go in the future.
Full Set $250 (2 hr max)
Set of 80-100 lashes per eye. Custom designed for a natural or dramatic look. Most popular and ideal. Lasts approximately four to 6 weeks for most clients.
New Client Fill $150 (1 hr max)

New clients who already have 25 or more eyelash extensions. Clumpy glued lash extension will require cost of removal* plus a new set.

3D Full Set
$300 (2.5 hr max)

Recommended for those who have extremely thin, short and sparse lashes. Special technique and lash extensions are used to build volume. Lash extensions feels soft to touch for delicate lashes.

Fills for existing clients:
2 Week Fill (max 17 days) 45 min:    $65
3 Week Fill
(max 24 days) 60min:    $80
4 Week
(max 31 days) 75 min:  $100
5 Week
(max 38 days) 90 min:  $120
6 Week
(max 365 days) 120 min:   $150
A la Carte:
Lower lash $60
Glitter lash highlights $10
Color Lash Highlights free
Lash extension removal* $50 (30 min)
Extreme lash extension removal
$95 (1 hr+)

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