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Natural  to Dramatic

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Lash Tec offers a wide variety of lash extensions to choose from. Your custom design are based on your lifestyle and preference. Once selected, the lashes are applied one at a time using a specially-formulated, low fume, semi-permanent glue.

Curl Type:
J - No curl - very natural
B - Lite Curl - natural
C- Curly - sexy and seductive
CC - Strong Curl - eye opener
D- Extreme Curl -doll eye
L - Crimped curl - lift

Curl Thickness:
.05 -.07 Very Thin - wispy used in 3D Volume lashes
.10 light Medium - wispy used in Classic and Volume design
.15 Medium - used in Classic styles
.20 Thick - Bold used in Classic & fusion designs





Highlights - blue, purple, red, green